Keep the Internet Free

Tell Congress to Reject New Internet Regulations!

Without hearings or public input, Congress is attempting to bring back Obama’s disastrous takeover of the internet through the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Congress must reject the Democrats’ political stunt and stand up for internet freedom.

A free and open internet is important to all Americans. That’s why we must keep it free from government control!

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Dear U.S. House Representative:

I am writing to urge you to vote NO on the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to bring back harmful internet regulations.

Late last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to free the internet from government control. The internet regulations imposed under the Obama administration were completely unnecessary and harmful to taxpayers, consumers, the internet, and the economy.

Free market competition, not big government, will grow the internet.  That's why the Obama-era internet regulations were such a big mistake, and why the FCC was correct to review and repeal them.  But now Congress is trying to bring back this failed policy and we need to stop this political ploy to keep the internet free.

Please vote NO on the CRA. Support Internet Freedom.